Baylor’s Brittney Griner Becomes Second Woman To Dunk In NCAA Tournament History (Video)

brittney grinerThroughout the history of the Men’s NCAA Tournament, there have probably been millions of different players who have thrown down a dunk during a game.  Throughout the history of the Women’s tournament, there have been only two.

The first female tournament dunker was Candace Parker of Tennessee, who threw down two dunks during a 2006 tournament game against Army.  As for the second female dunker, that would be Brittney Griner, who threw down a one-handed slam during the Bears’ 76-57 victory over Florida last night.

So the next time some woman asks you why you won’t turn away from the television for a millisecond during the men’s NCAA tournament, but you won’t even watch a millisecond of the women’s tournament, you can show her the following video and tell her that you would have had to wait three decades to see a slam like this in the women’s tournament, while you can see about ten of these in a matter of five minutes in the men’s tournament.

Check it out.

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