JaVale McGee Scores Game-Winning Basket In Nuggets Debut, Shocks Us All (Video)

javale mcgee putbackMany of us have grown accustomed to watching JaVale McGee do things that draw the ire of his coaches, which is why most of us were probably questioning the Denver Nuggets’ decision to trade away Nene for him.  Well last night JaVale McGee did a very not-JaVale-McGee-like thing, as he out-hustled a Detroit Pistons defender and put back a missed free-throw attempt by his teammate with five seconds remaining in his first game as a Nugget.  That basket would hold up as the game-winner during the Nuggets’ 116-115 victory, leaving many of us wondering whether this change of scenery will bring about a change in attitude for the talented center.

If so, we can probably expect to see the new JaVale McGee appearing on many more highlight reels, and a lot less blooper packages.

Here is a look at his game-winning put-back from last night’s game.

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