Dancers At New York Strip Club Are Offering Tim Tebow His First Lap Dance

tebow lap dance

The offer is out there Tim Tebow!  Now it is up to you to cash in!

After being traded by the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets (expected to become official on Saturday), Tebow will be headed to the Big Apple, and if he begins to feel alone and is looking for some comfort in the big city, he may want to check out Rick’s Cabaret NYC,  as their gorgeous dancers have offered to give the virgin quarterback his first New York City lap dance.

While some may expect this offer to cut into Mark Sanchez’s lap dance quota at Rick’s NYC, and possibly create some sort of controversy between the two Jets quarterbacks, the lovely dancer Alex has assured us that this will not happen, as Sanchez still appears to number one in their hearts:

“Tebow is cute, I like him, but Mark Sanchez is sexier.”

Perhaps Rick’s NYC would be the perfect place for these two competing quarterbacks to spend some quality bonding time!  After all, nothing says “camaraderie” quite like a team outing at the local strip club.

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