Dirty Tactics Help Female Win MMA Bout Via Knockout (Video)

dirty knockoutOne unwritten rule in the world of mixed martial arts is that you do not hit an opponent while tapping gloves with them at the start of a match.  Another unwritten rule is that you should always be prepared and protect yourself at all times.

Both rules were broken during this Cage Warriors bout.

Shiela Gaff broke the first rule when she neglected the opening-match glove tap, swinging her first over Jennifer Maia’s outstretched hand and stunning her opponent before knocking her out seconds later.  As for the second rule, Maia broke that by leaving herself open and being unprepared for Gaff’s barrage of punches.

In the end, both girls made mistakes, but Gaff’s would earn her the victory.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Cage Doctors]

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