Research Shows Women Can Achieve Orgasm During Exercise

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to finish that final set of crunches when suddenly you start to get a tingling feeling down there?  If you have, don’t be worried.  You are not alone.

A research study by Indiana University professor Debby Herbenick found that many women, and even some men, have experienced orgasm or sexual pleasure while working out.  And while at times this may be attributed to genital friction while riding a bike, spinning or pole climbing, other times it is the result of us engaging our core muscles while exercising.

During her study, which was intended to discover if orgasm during exercise occurs and which exercises cause them, Herbenick surveyed 530 women who answered questions regarding their sexual feelings during exercise.  A total of 370 women claimed that they have experienced orgasm or sexual arousal during exercise, with one-third of those women claiming that they have had all out orgasms during a workout.  Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t appear as though any of these women go to my gym, else I probably would have noticed.

The results of this study have even caused several men to approach Herbenick and tell her that they have experienced similar arousal while exercising, something she plans on looking into during her next study.

So the next time you catch that hot chick at your gym giving you a look like she is about to get off from staring at you, you’ll be aware of the fact that she is getting herself off, but it probably has everything to do with her workout, and nothing to do with how good your arms look in that tank-top.

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