11 Terrible Sports Statues

A couple weeks back, the Pittsburgh Penguins officially unveiled a new statue of Mario Lemieux outside the Consol Energy Center. And while it’s not really a great statue, it certainly isn’t bad, either. That’s because the sculptor, Bruce Wolfe, adhered to the two basic principles for making a decent sports statue: it should be an action shot, and it should actually look like the person being commemorated.

These are pretty basic principles, really. But for some reason, so many sports teams fail to understand them. What this means, sadly, is that there are a lot of really bad statues honoring really amazing athletes. Guys who were known for their blazing speed get statues of themselves just standing there. Guys who were known for their fierce competitiveness get statues of themselves with blank stares. And guys who were known for their sweet poetry-in-motion swing get statues of themselves just hanging out with a bat on their shoulders.

Want to see what I’m talking about? Take a look at today’s list of 11 terrible sports statues. Then come back tomorrow for our list 11 awesome sports statues so you can see what the terrible ones are up against. It’ll be like night and day.

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