Atlanta Thrashers Fans Protest By Throwing Jerseys On The Ice (Video)

thrashers fans protestTwo surprising facts were unveiled during Saturday night’s game between Winnipeg Jets and the Nashville Predators.  The first is that the Atlanta Thrashers actually did have fans before being moved north of the boarder to Winnipeg prior to the start of this season.  The second is that those fans, although few in number, apparently still care about their Thrashers (now known as the “Jets”).

These two facts became evident when several fans were spotted inside Bridgestone Arena wearing Thrashers jerseys and a few of them even threw those jerseys onto the ice in protest of the team’s recent relocation.  And while this act may be seen as a strong sign of support from the Thrashers’ faithful, it has me wondering one thing:  Where were these fans during all those years when the Thrashers were struggling to fill half the seats inside Philips Arena?

Here is a look at the jersey-tossing protest from the Thrashers fans.

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