Kendrick Perkins Dunks On Dwyane Wade Before Kicking Him In The Face (Video)

perkins dunk kick wadeAt around this time last season, Dwyane Wade embarrassed the Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins with a two-handed facial and a stupid little dance to follow. One year later, Perkins would not only get his revenge, but he would one-up the Heat guard, as he threw down a two-handed slam of his own over Wade and followed it up with a kick to the face during last night’s battle between Miami and Oklahoma City.

That dunk opened up a double-digit lead for the Thunder, and the combination of that deficit and a mouth full of leather seemed to be enough to irk Wade, as he stared down Perkins while the two players made their way up the court.

If Wade would like to return the favor, he may get the opportunity to do just that during the NBA Finals, as both the Heat and the Thunder appear to be the favorites to represent their respective conferences at the moment.  And if everything does go according to plan, you can expect to see this dunk and kick played over and over again in an attempt to build up this rivalry between two young star-studded teams.

Check it out.

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