Kimbo Slice’s Latest Boxing Knockout Victory May Have Been Fixed (Video)

kimbo slice controversy knockoutTwo of Kimbo Slice’s first three boxing matches ended only seconds into the bout.  As for his latest knockout victory during Saturday night’s fight against Brian Green, it came with only seconds remaining in the bout, and the manner in which it occurred has some questioning its validity.

Kimbo’s promoters have placed tomato cans in front of the 235-pound giant in an attempt to bolster his professional record (now 4-0), but on Saturday he appeared to need more than just a crappy opponent to remain undefeated.  With time winding down in the fourth, and final, round, Slice and Green exchanged punches before a rather weak looking uppercut from Kimbo sent Green to the mat with only three seconds remaining in the fight.

In most cases I probably wouldn’t question the strength of Kimbo’s punches, but I will in this case, as the 38-year-old appeared to be running on fumes at that point in the fight and there certainly didn’t appear to be much behind that upper-cut, yet it was somehow enough to knock a professional boxer out cold.

So was the fix in?  Take a look at the clip below (knockout begins at 3:57) and judge for yourself.

Hat Tip – [MMA Fighting]

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