Man Struck By 8-Inch Piece Of Rebar During Amway Arena Destruction (Video)

amway arena implosionAmway Arena in Orlando, Florida used to be the home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, the NLL’s Orlando Titans, the AFL’s Orlando Predators and the WNBA’s Orlando Miracle.  Now the arena, which has also been called the “O-Rena” and “The Jungle” during its 21 years in existence, is home to a bunch of crumbles rocks, as it was blown to smithereens on Sunday morning at approximately 7:30 am ET.

Hundreds of fans stood nearly a block away from the arena as Dykon Explosive Demolition Corporation orchestrated its destruction by way of implosion.  And while that may seem like a safe distance to watch an implosion from, that wasn’t entirely true in this instance, as one man was struck in the leg by an 8-inch piece of steel rebar.

Eric Eliason, 33, was on the receiving end of the rebar, and while police have stated that his injury was minor, he was taken to the hospital for treatment.  Dykon has agreed to pay for Eliason’s medical bills, but it is still not known if the victim intends to file suit.

The destruction of Amway Arena was made possible by the opening of the $480-million Amway Center in October 2010.  Here is a look at the implosion that took down “the O-Rena” on Sunday.

Hat Tip – [CF News 13]

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