7-Foot-8 Harlem Globetrotter Can Dunk Without Jumping (Video)

tiny dunkThey call him “Tiny,” but there is clearly nothing tiny about a man who can dunk a basketball on a regulation size net without even having to jump!

While most of the other Harlem Globetrotters players are known for their superior dribbling skills and impressive leaping abilities, Tiny Sturgess is best known for his incredible height, as he is the tallest Globetrotter member ever.  The 24-year-old played his college ball for Mountain State University and he has now settled in as a member of the traveling basketball sideshow.

You’d think that most NBA team would be interested in acquiring a 7’8″ man that can dunk a basketball without jumping.   And while I’m not quite sure how the rest of Tiny’s game measures up against NBA standards, I am quite certain that the following video is all NBA scouts need to see in order to be impressed by this giant’s abilities in the paint.

Check it out.

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