Stan Van Gundy Was Confused When The Raptors Fans Cheered For Free Pizza (Videos)

stan van gundy free pizzaWith the Orlando Magic leading the Toronto Raptors by a score of 117-98, Ed Davis received the ball in the key and drained a hook shot over the head of a Magic defender, cutting the Raptors’ deficit to 17 with just 2.1 seconds remaining in the game.  Doesn’t seem like much to cheer about, does it?  Well it was for fans inside the Air Canada Center last night, as that bucket helped the Raptors reach 100 points.  And when the home team gets 100 points in Toronto, the fans get a free slice of Pizza Pizza!

Being a Raptors fan and a resident in the city of Toronto, I can tell you first-hand that winning free slice of pizza at a Raptors game may be even more rewarding that witnessing a Raptors victory.  Judging by the reaction of the fans after Davis’ basket, it appears as though I am not the only one who feels this way, however, Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy still had a hard time understanding this.

After being told why the Raptors fans were cheering so loudly following the seemingly meaningless bucket, Van Gundy asked, “A standing ovation for a slice?”

Yes Stan!  A standing ovation for a slice!  What’s wrong with that?  The Raptors have now been around for 17 seasons.  They have made the playoffs just five times, and won just one playoffs series.  This year they find themselves at the bottom of the standings once again, with a 16-34 record.  The fans have to cheer about something, don’t they?  So free pizza it is!

Here is a look at the reaction from the Raptors fans following Ed Davis’ free-pizza-winning basket, as well as Stan Van Gundy’s post-game comments regarding the incident.

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