20 Hottest Sports Movie WAGs

We all know that movies tend to exaggerate real life. And this is especially true for sports movies, where the underdog almost always wins and guys hardly ever miss the last shot. But you know one aspect of real world sports that they don’t have to exaggerate in sports movies? Players’ wives and girlfriends. They’re pretty much always as hot in real life as they are in the movies, because athletes (and their fame and money) are babe magnets.

Today, instead of bringing you another “boring” list of real life sports WAGs, I thought, why not do a list of fictional sports WAGs? So here you go: the 20 hottest sports movie WAGs of all time.

Obviously there is some serious subjectivity involved in ranking these fictional significant others, so go easy on me if I get a few “wrong.” However, if I missed any you think should be on the list, by all means let us know. When it comes to attractive women, ignorance is never bliss.

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