Houston Dynamo’s Colin Clark Suspended Three Games For Homophobic Slur (Video)

colin clark homophobic slurHomphobic slurs are certainly nothing new in sports, despite an attempt by most leagues to eliminate such instances of hate and discrimination from their game.  The MLS is the latest league to be confronted with such an issue, and they have responded accordingly, handing down a three-game suspension to Colin Clark of the Houston Dynamo after his homophobic slur towards a ball boy was picked up by on on-field microphone during Friday’s match against the Seattle Sounders.

While running towards the sideline to retrieve a ball for a throw-in, Clark could be heard calling the ball boy a “f*cking f*ggot.”  That comment may have been for the ball boy’s ears only, but it was heard by all, thanks to a nearby microphone.  As a result, Clark has been handed a three-game suspension by the league, despite apologizing for his hurtful words on Twitter following the match.

Here is a look at Clark’s two-second homophobic rant that will cost him 270 minutes of action.

Hat Tip – [The Nose Bleeds]

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