Mario Balotelli Interrupts Press Conference As Inter Milan Introduces New Manager (Video)

mario balotelli press conferenceIs the firing of Claudio Ranieri and the hiring of Andrea Stramaccioni enough to bring 21-year-old Italian phenom Mario Balotelli back to Inter Milan?

The answer to that question is “yes”, as the Manchester City striker made his return to the Inter Milan grounds, but it wasn’t done in an effort to rejoin his former club.  Instead, the purpose of his return was to simply interrupt Inter’s press conference as they introduced Andrea as the club’s new caretaker manager.

The club has stated that Balotelli’s appearance at the presser was unexpected, but when it comes to Mario, many of us have already learned to expect the unexpected.

Here is a look at Balotelli crashing the Inter Milan press conference.

Hat Tip – [The Footy Blog]

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