21 Hilarious Wrestling Fails (GIFs)

Remember when people used to debate whether or not pro wrestling was real or fake? It was hilarious. You’d have one dude in total denial, getting all insulted at the mere suggestion that his favorite athletes might be phonies; then you’d have another dude voicing righteous indignation at the thought of someone actually enjoying a “sport” where the outcome was predetermined.

Well, you know what I’ve learned over the years? Both sides of this debate are stupid. Yes, pro wrestling is obviously “fake.” But so what? Movies are fake, but they’re still entertaining. And besides, there’s a serious upside to wrestling being staged. Namely, when things don’t go as planned, it’s freakin hilarious.

That brings us to today’s list: 21 hilarious wrestling fail gifs. Because, yeah, it turns out there’s a pretty fine line between choreographed play-fighting, serious debilitating injury, and/or sexual innuendo. Which is fantastic.


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