Minor League Pitching Coach Breaks F-Bomb Record While Ripping Into Pitchers (Video)

buddy york f-bombFor those of you who thought Bruce Boudreau and Wally Backman had the foulest mouths in sports, I am pleased to inform you that we have found a man whose mouth would make both of the aforementioned individuals seem like choir boys.

His name is Buddy York, and interestingly enough, he is the pitching coach of the South Georgia Peanuts, which just so happens to be the same team that is managed by “the Blow-Up King” himself, Wally Backman.  York did have a legitimate excuse for ripping into his pitching staff with a barrage of f-bombs, as they had given up twenty-one 2-0 counts in two games.  Simply put, they were “pitching like pus*ies,” according to York.

You can watch the entire expletive-filled rant from this foul-mouthed pitching coach in the video below.  And in case you didn’t already get the picture, the video contains plenty of f-bombs (120 in four minutes, to be exact), so it may be NSFW.


Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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