Vancouver Canucks Players Urge Their Fans To Avoid Rioting And Celebrate Responsibily (Video)

canucks celebrate responsibily campaignOne year after coming one win short of raising the Stanley Cup above their heads, the Vancouver Canucks appear to be primed for another deep playoff run, as they are currently sitting two points back of the St. Louis Blues for first-place in the Western Conference with only five games remaining in the season.  And while they would like to repeat their success from last year’s post-season – with one additional victory, of course – they are hoping to avoid a repeat of what happened outside Rogers Arena following their Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins during last year’s Stanley Cup Finals.

In an effort to ensure that their fans do not embark on another disastrous riot, the Vancouver Canucks players and some of their fans put together the following campaign video, which urges citizens to “please celebrate responsibly.”

Instead of pleading with their fans to celebrate responsibly, perhaps the Canucks should concentrate on giving them something better to celebrate this time around, like a Stanley Cup victory.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [The Toronto Sun]

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