5’6″ Aquille Carr Pins Ball On Backboard With Two Hands For Greatest Block Ever! (Video)

two handed pin block aquille carrThe fact that Aquille Carr can block a shot at only 5’6″ is awfully impressive.  But what is even more impressive is what this 18-year-old phenom did to an opponent in this instance, as he soared into the air and pinned the ball against the backboard, resulting it what I would label as “the greatest blocked shot ever caught on tape.”

According to his Wikipedia page, Carr has been described as “one of the most explosive scorers in the United States,” and it looks as though the kid can play some defense as well.  I guess that is why he had approximately 28 scholarship offers by the end of his sophomore year.  He has already committed to Seton Hall for the 2013-14 NCAA season.

Here is a look at what the Pirates fans can expect from Carr upon his arrival.  The block begins at the 0:20 mark, but I recommend watching the dunk featured during the first 20 seconds as well.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]


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