9 Classic WrestleMania Moments

This Sunday is a big day for wrestling fans. Why? Because it’s WrestleMania, baby! It’s like the Super Bowl of Wrestling. Only instead of it being free to watch, you have to pay $55—or $65 if you want it in HD. But other than that, it’s totally like the Super Bowl of wrestling: the WWE’s biggest day in which they pull out all the stops. They even count WrestleManias in Roman numerals, just like the Super Bowl. This year will be WrestleMania XXVIII, which is 28 for those of you not well-versed in this archaic mode of numeration.

In celebration of this year’s big event, I thought it would be appropriate to bring you a list of 9 classic WrestleMania moments. I can’t say they are without a doubt the greatest moments in the history of the event, but they are all awesome for one reason or another. If you’re an expert in WWE history and you see that I omitted a moment more amazing than any of these, by all means, please enlighten us.

So click on, friends, for some awesome/hilarious pro wrestling action.

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