Charles Barkley Dressed In Drag For Weight Watchers Commercial (Video)

charles barkley dragI’m giving two thumbs up to the brains behind this Weight Watchers commercial, as they were smart enough to know that while Charles Barkley alone is capable of grabbing the attention of most, Charles Barkley dressed in drag is capable of grabbing the attention of all!

Barkley has been shedding the pounds ever since he signed on with Weight Watchers.  And after six months on the program, the results have been rather remarkable for Sir Charles, as he has lost 40 pounds and he is now comfortable enough with his body to fit it into a dress.

On second thought, perhaps this new, slim, fit-looking Charles Barkley is a little too comfortable with his own body these days.  After all, no man should look that comfortable while wearing a long black evening gown.  Not Shaquille O’Neal.  Not David Price.  And certainly not Charles Barkley.

You can see Sir Charles dressed in drag for Weight Watchers in the video below.

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