Mario Balotelli Saves An Unconscious Man In A Parking Lot (Video)

mario balotelli saves manAs crazy as the title may sound, it shouldn’t shock anyone to see Mario Balotelli’s name included in it.

The Manchester City striker was back home in Italy last week, as he decided to make an unexpected appearance at an Inter Milan press conference as they introduced Andrea Stramaccioni as the club’s new caretaker manager.  And as quickly as Balotelli arrived on the scene to shake the hands of the men at the podium, he was out the door in search of his next adventure.  That search would take him to the parking lot at the Inter Milan facility, where he encountered a man who was passed out on the ground.

Balotelli attended to the man, bringing him a bottle of water before helping him up and escorting him away.  Whether this is real and where exactly these two men went following the conclusion of the video below remains unknown, and because of the fact that it involves Balotelli, we’ll simply refrain from making any assumptions.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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