9 Dirty College Basketball Coaches

They say cheaters never win. But I’m pretty sure they mean that figuratively, because, literally speaking, cheaters win all the time.

Just look at John Calipari. Last night his Kentucky Wildcats beat the Kansas Jayhawks to win the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship. But Coach Calipari got where he is today—winning a national championship with one of the most storied programs in college sports—by breaking just about every recruiting rule in the book at UMass and Memphis. So, clearly, cheaters do win. Even if those wins are later vacated.

Today, in “celebration” of Kentucky’s victory last night, I present you a list of 9 dirty college basketball coaches. Of course, pretty much every college basketball coach breaks the rules, but these guys do it more and have the tendency to get caught red-handed. The “clean” coaches are more classy when they cheat.

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