Chris Jericho Slips On Some Jack Daniels Whiskey (Video)

jericho slipAfter weeks of taunting CM Punk, accusing his father of being a drunk and his sister of being a drug addict, Chris Jericho couldn’t translate all of that talk into a victory over the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday in Miami.  But if you thought their bout for the belt at Sunlife Stadium settled the feud between these two wrestlers, you were wrong.

Jericho made it clear that he isn’t quite over CM Punk just yet.  But rather than using words to attack the champion, this time around he appears to be much more interested in using actions, and a full bottle of Jack Daniels, in order to assault Punk.

Little did Jericho know that the same bottle of whiskey he intended to assault his opponent with would soon land himself flat on his back as well.  You can check out the slippery accident from last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW in the video below.

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