4-Year-Old Girl Lays Devestating Soccer Body Check (Video)

kid soccer body checkThis little girl may know that once she reaches somewhere around the age of 10, she may no longer be able to play sports with the boys.  So at the age of four, I guess she figured she may as well take this opportunity to impose her will on the boys while she is still playing with them.  And impose her will is exactly what she did, as she plowed through one of her male counterparts with what appeared to be a clean body check…

…well, at least it would have been clean had she been playing hockey or football.

As for the little boy who was the victim of the body check, this could very well be one of those life-changing moments where he begins to hate sports while suddenly becoming intrigued by a more feminine, less physical activity, like ballet.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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