This Interview With Stan Van Gundy And Dwight Howard Was Just Awkward (Video)

dwight howard stan van gundy awkward interviewA strong sense of awkwardness probably already existed in the Orlando Magic locker room after rumors spread yesterday that Dwight Howard had asked management to fire head coach Stan Van Gundy.  Today, the level of awkwardness hit its peak when Howard interrupted an interview between Van Gundy and the media, only seconds after the Magic coach had confirmed that he was well aware of the fact that his starting center had asked for his dismissal.

With several members of the media huddled around Van Gundy as the Magic prepared for tonight’s home contest against the New York Knicks, the coach didn’t refrain from admitting that he was aware of Howard’s demands.  Then, suddenly, Howard entered the picture and put his arm around Van Gundy, as the two discussed their intentions of stopping Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks.  And the moment Stan found an opportunity to flee the scene, he did so, leaving D-12 behind to answer questions regarding his coach’s comments just a few minutes earlier.

You can watch the entire interview involving both Van Gundy and Howard in the video below.  The awkwardness ensues at 2:35, leading to the second most awkward interview that any of the current Magic players have ever been involved in.  The first obviously still belongs to Hedo Turkoglu from his days as a Raptor.

Check it out.


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