Here Is A Look At The Biggest Cheap Shot In The History Of Cheap Shots (Video)

baseball cheap shotNothing in sports angers me more than a blind cheap shot on an unsuspecting player.  With that being said, the following video may be the most agitating clip I have ever been forced to watch.

During a recent baseball game between Scottsdale Community College and Yavapai Community College, tempers flared as players from both teams cleared the benched and engaged in a shoving match along the first base line during the top of the ninth inning.  And just when it appeared as though nothing would come of this altercation, Yavapai left fielder Austin O’Such enters the picture and barrels over Scottsdale’s Jake Bamrick, who was simply standing at second base minding his own business during the time of the incident.

While the vicious hit-from-behind did go unnoticed at the time, the video below has helped Yavapai Community College and the school’s conference review the incident, and they have since suspended O’Such for the remainder of the season.  His player bio has also been removed from the Yavapai baseball webpage.

As for Bamrick, he remained on the field for several minuted before being helped back to the dugout by team trainers.  We aren’t sure exactly what types of injuries he sustained as a result of the cheap shot, but I suspect a serious case of whiplash to be one of them.

You can check out the cheap shot in the video below.  Be sure to keep your eyes on second base at the 21 second mark.

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