12 Weird Pro Golf Disqualifications

No sport is easier to cheat at than golf. For this reason, golf has the most thorough and complicated rulebook in the history of sport. But one of the biggest ironies of this complex code of rules is that, in trying to prevent “cheating,” it actually makes it more prevalent. How so? Because the rules are so complicated that everyone is bound to break one from time to time without even realizing it.

Such a situation almost happened at the Masters over the weekend. Luke Donald was almost disqualified from the tournament because a smudge on a fax made it look like he’d signed off on an incorrect scorecard.

Fortunately for Donald, the error was discovered and he avoided disqualification. Other players haven’t been so lucky. Over the years, golfers have been disqualified from pro events for breaking just about every rule in the convoluted book.

Today, we bring you a list of the 12 most interesting cases. Hopefully you can learn a trick or two that can help you successfully disqualify your friends the next time you hit the links. (What? Doesn’t everyone always play to win?)

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