Bench-Clearing Brawl Breaks Out During High School Baseball Game (Video)

yuba city baseball brawlNow that the NHL regular season is over, there will be no more “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night” honors being handed out until the 2012-13 NHL season begins next October.   In order to fill the void until then, perhaps we should consider beginning a new daily post titled “The Bench Clearing Base-Brawl Of The Night,” featuring the best fight from the diamond each night.

That may seem tough to do, seeing as how bench-clearing brawls can be rare in baseball, but if the past week’s events on baseball diamonds across America are any indication, it appears as though that trend is about to change.

First it was a nasty cheap shot during a game between Scottsdale Community College and Yavapai Community College that was making headlines.  And now we bring you this bench clearing brawl between Yuba City High School and Del Campo High School, which took place last week in California.  According to reports, the incident began during the sixth inning when the Yuba City pitcher threw the ball at the Del Campo first base coach after he made comments towards the Yuba City dugout.  That resulted in several of the Yuba City players attacking the Del Campo players before the altercation was eventually broken up by the coaches and umpires.  Eight Yuba City players have since been removed from the team, and more suspensions and possible expulsions could still be handed out as the investigation surrounding this violent incident continues.

You can check out all of the action from this bench-clearing brawl in the video below.

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