A Giant Marajuana Leaf Got Thrown Out Of The Blue Jays’ Home Opener (Video)

blue jays marijuana leafSexually suggestive t-shirts were not to only interesting attire being worn during the Toronto Blue Jays’ home opener on Monday night.  Apparently, one man’s jersey was still at the dry cleaners, so he opted to wear his big green marijuana leaf costume instead.

To most outsiders, Canada appears to be a country that has embraced marijuana and those that smoke it, but if the following video is any indication, it appears as though some have yet to accept those who dress up as it.

This stoner may have been holding a ticket to the game in his hand, but that green leaf that was covering the upper half of his body would eventually be his ticket out of the game, as he was eventually escorted out the Rogers Center’s doors.  And we suspect that it didn’t take long for one of the squeegee kids (it’s a Toronto thing) outside the building to attempt to buy him (or steal him), break him up and smoke him.

I guess he could have always considered running away from the security guards…but then he got high.  Check it out.

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