There Was Also A Fight At Rogers Centre On Opening Day (Video)

blue jays home opener fightWe have already showed you all of the other antics that took place at the Rogers Centre in Toronto over the past couple of days, which included streaking, sexually suggestive t-shirts and a man dressed up as a marijuana leaf.  So I guess we should also show you the fight that took place during the Blue Jays’ home opener against the Boston Red Sox on Monday night.

This type of stuff wasn’t supposed to happen within the confines of the Rogers Centre this time around, as stadium officials imposed a rule that would allow those in attendance in the upper level to buy only one alcoholic beverage at a time.  This rule was the result of all of the drunken antics that have unfolded during past home openers and Two Dollar Tuesday games, but as we have already seen, those sneaky Canadians are more than capable of working around any law regarding the consumption of alcohol.

You can watch the fight that unfolded in the stands during the Jays’ home opener in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Sweater Punch]

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