These Two Incidents Prove That Fair Play Is Still Alive In Soccer (Videos)

soccer fair playIf you thought all of the diving, hand balls and incidents of racism taking place over the course of the past decade were indications that “Fair Play” in the game of soccer was dead, you were wrong.   Evidence of this was provided on two occasions over the past few days.

The first comes via a lower Turkish football league match, as a strange goal that nearly led to a fight between two clubs would eventually result in an inspiring display of sportsmanship.  After a Canakkale Dardanelspor player went down with an injury, a member of Erzurumspor promptly booted the ball out of bounds so that the fallen player could be attended to.  Once play was set to resume, Dardanelspor midfielder Ilhan Faruk did exactly what was expected of him, as he turned over possession of the ball by sending it back into the Erzurumspor half.  The only problem was that his shot would somehow elude the Erzurumspor goaltender and make it into the back of the net for a goal.

As you may have imagined, the Erzurumspor players were not very pleased with this turn of events, but before the situation could escalate, both clubs agreed that it was only fair for Dardanelspor to wipe that goal off by scoring in their own goal.

You can watch the incident unfold in the video below.

As for the second display of fair play, it came during yesterday’s Bundesliga II match between St. Pauli and Union Berlin.  With the game tied 1-1, Marius Ebbers apeared to have put his club ahead when he sent a cross into the back of the goal with his hand.  The referee and linesman failed to spot the infraction, but Ebbers’ conscious would not allow him to get away with the illegal goal, as he quickly confessed to the referee, resulting in the goal being called back and the scoreline remaining 1-1.

And for those of you who believe in karma, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that St. Pauli would eventually score the winner during second half injury time.

You can watch Ebbers’ confession at the 1:38 mark of the video below.

Hat tip to 101 Great Goals for both videos.

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