Jeff Francoeur Delivered 20 Pizzas And A Signed Bat To The A’s Bacon Tuesday Fans (Video)

jeff francoeur deliver pizzaIt is athletes like Jeff Francoeur that make being a sports fan worthwhile.

Yesterday we told you the story about how the Kansas City Royals’ right fielder donated $100 for “beers and bacon dogs” to the fans in section 149 of the Oakland Coliseum during “Bacon Tuesday” last season.  That generous donation made him this year’s official sponsor of the annual event.

Francoeur had some fun with the Bacon Tuesday fans during Tuesday’s rain-shortened game between the Royals and the A’s, and yesterday afternoon he thanked them for their hospitality by having 20 pizzas and a signed bat delivered to them.

Countless times I have gone to sporting events and couldn’t help but notice the number of players who refuse to slap the outstretched hands of fans.  It always leaves me wondering why so  many athletes refuse to interact with their fans in friendly ways like this.  I guess the sports world could use more Jeff Francoeurs.

Here is a look at Francoeur’s kind gesture from Wednesday afternoon’s game against the A’s.

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