21 Hottest Women To Throw Out A Ceremonial First Pitch

The 2012 MLB season is a little over a week old, but today the last 8 teams finally get to celebrate their home openers. And since their fans had to wait this long, chances are those 8 teams are going to pull out all the stops. That means fireworks, parades, give-aways, statue unveilings, video montages, special performances of the national anthem, and—if the fans are really lucky—hot chicks throwing out ceremonial first pitches.

Yes, having hot women throw the ceremonial first pitch is a time-honored baseball tradition. It’s right up there with Cracker Jacks, crotch-adjusting, and performance enhancing drugs. So today, in honor the last round of home openers, we bring you a list of the 21 hottest women to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.