Charles Barkley Thinks “It’s A Joke” That Lamar Odom Is Getting Paid (Video)

charles barkley lamar odomDuring halftime of last night’s game between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, Charles Barkley voiced his opinion regarding the Lamar Odom situation, as he believes it is “a joke” that Odom will get paid $1-million to sit at home next month after being let go by the Mavericks.  And Charles isn’t the only one who feels this way.

I also can’t help but comment on the ridiculousness of this.  Here is a guy who brought nothing but problems to the defending champion Dallas Mavericks from the moment he was acquired during the off-season, and he eventually had to be sent home for the remainder of the season due to his constant tardiness and unwillingness to perform up to standards.  After all of that, he will still receive $1-million to sit at home, as well as a $2.4-million buyout payment in June.  Meanwhile, there are people all over the country showing up to work on time and busting their chops while struggling to pay their monthly bills.

Yes, Lamar Odom.  You are the problem with America today, and even Sir Charles seems to agree.

You can check out Barkley’s comments regarding Odom’s situation in the video below.

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