ESPN Commercial Shows How Much It Sucks To Be Named “Michael Jordan” (Video)

espn michael jordan commercialIf you happen to be the Michael Jordan, life is probably pretty good, as you own six NBA Championship rings, five NBA MVP awards, the Charlotte Bobcats (yes, they suck, but they picked a great year to suck with Anthony Davis entering the draft), and millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, there is only one of those Michael Jordans, and chances are you are not him if you are reading this blog.

As for every other man in the world who goes by the name of Michael Jordan, they have to deal with the disappointment that appears on the faces of those they encounter once they realize that they are dealing with the 9-to-5, office working Michael Jordan, and not superstar basketball player who goes by the same name.

ESPN provided us all with a glimpse of that disappointment via this hilarious, recently released commercial.

Check it out.

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