Besiktas Fans Attack Galatasaray’s Emmanuel Eboue (Video)

besiktas fan attack eboueA frightening scene unfolded in Turkey on Monday, as Besiktas fans attacked Galatasaray’s Emmanuel Eboue in an act that they claim was fueled by the Ivorian’s on-field antics, while many others have pointed to race as the real motive behind these actions.

According to Yahoo! Answers, the Turks were not racist towards black individuals four years ago, but it appears as though times have changed, as they weren’t throwing debris and running onto the field to attack any of the lighter skinned individuals during Monday’s match, but they were doing that to the darker-skinned Eboue.  And sadly, this isn’t the first time they have gone after Eboue either, as he received similar treatment from the Besiktas fans during a match in November.

The actions from the Besiktas fans seemed to rattle Eboue this time around, and rightfully so.  After all, no man stands a chance against a stadium full of wild crazy fans that are climbing over railings and running onto the field just to get their hands on you.  Thankfully, we haven’t heard anything about Eboue being hunted down by the Besiktas fans following the game, so we’ll simply assume that he was somehow able to escape Istanbul alive.

Here is a look at the scary scene that unfolded on the pitch on Monday.

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