Mike Tyson Is Putting On A One-Man-Show In Vegas (Video)

Mike Tyson Undisputed truthMike Tyson used to sell out arenas in Las Vegas during his fighting days, and he has proven that he is capable of doing the same with his gloves off, as he took to the stage at the The Hollywood Theater inside the MGM Grand Hotel for the premier of his live show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.”  The show opened on Saturday, April 14, with plenty of celebrities in attendance to hear the former heavyweight champ talk about all of the ups and downs he endured during his life.

Most of us already know about the ear biting and the jail time, but I bet you haven’t heard about the prison official he got pregnant!

Unfortunately for those who paid the $117.49 to see him live, they didn’t get to hear about it either, as Tyson did not divulge that story, but he did talk about it briefly with Rick Reilly during an interview regarding his new show. You can watch the interview and a sneak peak at the making of “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” in the video below.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]


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