Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil Hideous New Throwback Jerseys

The Pittsburgh Steelers unveiled their new throwback jerseys for the upcoming 2012 NFL season in a rather unusual fashion yesterday, as they posted the following picture of running back Issac Redman sporting the uniform in what appears to be the Steelers’ locker room shower.

pittsburgh steelers throwback jerseys

And speaking of unusual fashion, what is with the black and yellow bumblebee stripes and the block letters?  I fully understand their intention to go with an old-school style, but these monstrosities would likely be considered hideous in just about any decade over the course of the past century.

Now one can only hope that the Seattle Green Goblins and the Pittsburgh Bumblebees never meet in an actual NFL game.  After all, such a sight can’t be good for one’s eyes.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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