A Few Funny GIFs Of Ryan Kesler Diving (Video + GIFs)

ryan kesler tumbleweed gifDuring Game One of the Western Conference Quarterfinal series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings, there appeared to be moments throughout the sixty minutes of action where Canucks forward Ryan Kesler was more interested in trying out for the American diving team, and less interested in playing hockey.

There were several instances during the game when Kesler appeared to be flopping around the ice rather easily, with the most embarrassing instance coming with 8:45 remaining in the third period.

Following that embarrassing flop, half of the hockey world was busy criticizing Kesler’s style of play, while the other half was busy putting together creative GIFs featuring the dive.

Here is a look at what we believe to be four of the best Ryan Kesler tumbleweed GIFs out there at the moment.

Hat Tip – [The Vancouver Sun]

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