Carlos Tevez Conducts The Shortest Interview Ever (Video)

carlos tevez fast interviewIn just his second start since returning the Manchester City following his six month hiatus, Carlos Tevez was letting his boot do plenty of talking on the pitch, which his mouth wasn’t saying much afterwards.

Tevez recorded a hat-trick, as Manchester City closed the gap on first-place Manchester United following their 6-1 victory over Norwich City on Saturday.  And when Tevez was asked by Sky Sports reporter Andy Burton how it felt to be back and whether or not he dove when he was booked for simulation in the ninth minute, he simply responded by asking if he was the “Man of the Match,” before walking off with his bottle of champagne.

I’m not sure if his hasty departure was the result of a language barrier or a reluctance to speak with the media, but Tevez did prove that some people don’t have to say much in order to provide us with a classic post-game interview.

Check it out.

Hat Tip to my soccer junkie friend, Ron Canada.

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