20 Athletes Who Pissed Off PETA (By Rocking Fur Coats)

There are a lot of pro athletes out there who are animal lovers through and through. Some of these folks—like Chad Ochocinco, Candace Parker, Dennis Rodman, Amanda Beard, Amare Stoudemire, or Tony Gonzalez—have generously donated their time and celebrity to PETA for one or more of their various anti-fur ad campaigns.

This list is not about these people.

Instead, this list is about athletes who just don’t feel cozy unless they have a dead animal (or, in the case of Shaq and his giant mink coat, 40) wrapped around their shoulders. Sure, maybe their bold fashion preferences aren’t “politically correct” or “humane”; but at least we all know they have serious wads of cash and aren’t afraid to spend it. (Because isn’t that the real reason why people still wear fur anyway?)

So here you go: 20 athletes who won’t be doing ads for PETA any time soon. Check ’em out.

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