A Frozen Clock In Washington Forced Braden Holtby To Make This Incredible Extra Save (Video)

caps clock malfunctionBraden Holtby was incredible between the pipes for the Washington Capitals last night, as he stopped 43 of the 44 shots he faced during the first 60 minutes of play.  And he was forced to make an additional save when an extra 5.3 seconds were added to the game, after the timer-keeper forgot to start the clock following a face-off in the Caps’ zone with only 9.5 seconds remaining.

According to the NHL’s V.P. of Hockey Operations, Mike Murphy, the officials in the time-keeper’s box were attempting to get the attention of the referee in order to tell him that more time needed to be added to the clock, but due to the excessive noise inside the Verizon Center, the on-ice officials couldn’t hear the horn.  That left the time-keepers unprepared to start the clock once the puck was dropped, causing the 5.3-second delay.

Thankfully, Holtby was able to come up big and rob Patrice Bergeron with those extra seconds still on the clock, ensuring that the Capitals would avoid any controversial outcome and earn the important 2-1 victory.

Check it out.

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