Things Got Physical Between The Bucks And The Pacers Last Night (Video)

pacers bucks fightThose who tuned in to watch the Indiana Pacers take on the Milwaukee Bucks last night (yes, I am talking about all ten of you), may have thought they accidentally stumbled upon an NHL playoff game, as tempers flared during the fourth quarter, causing players from both teams to nearly come to blows.

After watching Danny Granger get run over by the Bucks’ Larry Sanders, several of the Pacers players came to the defense of their teammate.  Despite being out-numbered, Sanders wasn’t backing down to all of the white jerseys surrounding him, as he threw a jab at David West’s face before attempting to get his hands on Granger once again.

After losing their third straight game, the Milwaukee Bucks’ season may be figuratively done, as they sit three games back of the eighth-place 76ers with only four games remaining.  As for Larry Sanders’ season, it could be literally over if the NBA chooses to take a strong stance against his actions from last night.

Check it out.

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