Genoa’s Ultra Fans Force “Unworthy” Players To Hand Over Their Jerseys (Video)

genoa ultra fans demand jerseysFor the past couple of weeks, Genoa have been trying to avoid being relegated to Serie B.  Their loss to Siena during yesterday’s Serie A match won’t help them avoid that catastrophe, but they were able to avoid another catastrophe that threatened their club on Sunday.

After falling behind by a score of 4-0, Genoa’s “Ultra Fans” had seen enough, as they blocked the tunnel and threatened to invade the pitch if their team’s “unworthy” players didn’t take off their jerseys and hand them over early in the second half.  The game had to be delayed for 45 minutes, as police in riot gear lined the field while the Genoa players decided whether or not they should succumb to the demands of their unruly fans.

Tears rolled down from the eyes of some of the Genoa players as they removed their jerseys, while striker Giuseppe Sculli made it clear to the fans that he was not willing to give in to their demands.  After the lengthy delay, Genoa captain Marco Rossi delivered the pile of jerseys to the ultras, who finally allowed the game to resume.

Genoa would eventually score a goal of their own, but it was not enough to earn them the win, or their jerseys back, as they fell to Siena by a score of 4-1.

Following the game, Genoa manager Alberto Malesani was fired, while Serie A president Maurizio Beretta has made it clear that those responsible for the protest will receive “the maximum punishment.”  That will likely entail a stadium ban, although, judging by what unfolded at the Luigi Ferraris stadium yesterday, you’d think the real punishment would be forcing the Genoa fans to watch their failing club in person.

Here is a look at the scene from yesterday’s game between Genoa and Siena.

Here is a recap of the entire game.

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