Red Sox Fan With No Shirt And A Straw Hat Throws Some Punches (Video)

red sox fan fightFollowing their epic collapse at the conclusion of the 2011 MLB regular season, the Boston Red Sox have not been able to turn things around in 2012, as their 5-10 record to start the season currently has them sitting at the bottom of the AL East.  While it is certainly much too early to give up on the Red Sox (for those who don’t recall, they were 2-10 after their first 12 games last season), it doesn’t appear to be too early for some of their fans to start freaking out and punching each other.

They were doing just that during a recent day game at Fenway Park, as a disagreement between a few Red Sox fans quickly turned into a fight that featured a man and woman beating up on a short dude with no shirt and a straw hat.

Stay classy Red Sox fans!

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