Running Back David Wilson Performs 13 Consecutive Backflips With No Hands (Video)

david wilson backflipTwo years ago Jason Pierre-Paul impressed everyone with his 15 consecutive back-flips at the NFL Combine prior to the 2010 NFL Draft.  The South Florida Bulls’ defensive end would end up getting drafted by the New York Giants with the 15th overall pick in that draft.  During his second season with the team, he recorded 16.5 sacks, was named a First-Team All-Pro, and helped lead the Giants to a victory in Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, with only a few days left before the 2012 NFL Draft, Virginia Tech running back David Wilson is taking a page out of Pierre-Paul’s playbook, as he recently unveiled a YouTube video that showcases his back-flipping abilities.  And while he was unable to match J.P.P’s 15 consecutive back-flips, his 13 consecutive back-flips may be even more impressive because they don’t involve the use of his hands.

At the moment, has the Bengals selecting Wilson with their 53rd overall pick in the second round, but he’s hoping his impressive string of back-flips can move him up the draftboard, much like it did to Pierre-Paul a few years earlier.  And if any team is impressed enough to take such a chance, they’ll hope Wilson can provide similar returns to what J.P.P. has provided the Giants with after just two seasons.

Here is a look at Wilson flipping out for the camera.

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