This Subway Sculpture Of Robert Griffin III Looks Delicious

robert griffin subway sculpture

Former Baylor University quarterback and future Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III may be a tremendous athlete and a top prospect in the upcoming NFL Draft, but he doesn’t appear to be all that appetizing.

This three-foot Subway sculpture of the projected second-overall pick, one the other hand, looks awfully delicious.

After signing RG3 to an endorsement deal, Subway honored the newest member of their team with a sculpture, which was created using over 300 pieces of their Smokehouse BBQ Chicken.  It was created by sandwich artist James Victor, who also required the use of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and bread in order to create the masterpiece.

Needless to say, if RG3 can play as well as he tastes, the Redskins may finally have the high-quality quarterback that their franchise has been desperately searching for.

robert griffin subway sculpture 2

Hat Tip – [ESPN]



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