The 15 Dirtiest Hits From Round 1 Of The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs (GIFs)

A few weeks back I brought you a list of the top storylines to watch in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. And like any article about “storylines to watch,” it was basically just a way to make vague predictions without having to put your credibility on the line. So how have I done so far?

Pretty well, actually. Yeah, I was pretty wrong about the Washington Capitals bowing out early; they finished off the defending champs in overtime last night. But I was pretty right about a few other big stories. For example, at #1 I had “the Battle of Pennsylvania,” and of course the series between the Penguins and Flyers did prove to be huge story. Better yet, I was very right when I suggested that a major question this postseason would be “What Will Shanny Do?” The playoffs so far have been dominated by 1970s-style hockey violence, with players getting speared, crosschecked, elbowed, boarded, sucker-punched, and blindsided. And, sure enough, all eyes have turned to Brendan Shanahan to solve the problem.

Today, in case you happened to miss all this violence, Total Pro Sports will get you all caught up. Behold: The 15 Dirtiest Hits From Round 1 Of The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It’s got all the hits from the first round that earned suspensions, plus a bunch of others that probably should have.

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