In Australia They Run “The Amazing Beer Mile” (Video)

the amazing mileIn “The Land Down Under,” they hold an event called “The Amazing Beer Mile.”  The rules are rather straightforward.  Each competitor starts by chugging a bottle of beer at the starting line.  Once they have finished chugging the beer, they run one lap around the 400-meter track, chug another beer at the starting line, and run another lap.  They continue that sequence until they have chugged four beers and run 1,600-meters, or one mile.

While running a mile or chugging a beer may not seem all that difficult, combining the two seems like a vomit-filled mess waiting to happen.  Surprisingly, Josh Harris was able to avoid such a catastrophe, as he clocked in at a world record time of 5:02.50 during this year’s run.

Interestingly enough, those Maxx Drys seemed to go down easier and easier for Josh with each passing lap.  Check it out.

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